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Mikhail Bondar MFIAP PPSA Attachment to the Sea-22 RPS: gold medal
Helmut Wachtarczyk Loosers and Winners SH: gold medal
Jorge Llorca AFIAP Tierra RPS: silver medal
Jim Duncan Child with Spider SH: silver medal
Harley Rustin Dr. Who Goes to War RPS: bronze medal
Mykhaylo Batrak Existential Crisis SH: bronze medal
Leon Pelser First Daylights SH: commended
Helmut Wachtarczyk 20 Years Later SH: commended
Josef Palfrader EFIAP/p Ich Muss Auch Mal SH: commended
Mykhaylo Batrak 7th Landscape SH: commended
Mikhail Bondar MFIAP PPSA Attachment to the Sea-10 SH: commended
John Whitby Outcast SH: commended
Peter Hammer FAPS Roll of the Dice SH: commended
John Whitby Waiting SH: commended
KT Allen Lost Twin SH: commended
Michel Le Tenier AFIAP Home Sweet Home SH: commended
Jim Duncan Entertaining Disaster SH: commended
Manuel López Puerma EFIAP/b El Pirata SH: commended
Kerry Boytell EFIAP FAPS Scary Graveyard SH: commended
Scott Contini Little Man in My Head SH: commended
Jim Duncan Apocalypse 2 SH: commended
Mykhaylo Batrak Still Life on Seascape SH: commended
Julie Begg Weathered SH: commended
Linda Weng In the Futura SH: commended
Leif Alveen PPSA Global Warming SH: commended
Terry Donnelly Why So Serious SH: commended
Josef Palfrader EFIAP/p Mein Fressen
Timo Lahtinen EFIAP Captain and the Bruno
Marco Garabello PPSA AFIAP Fluids
Scott Contini Decapitation of a Carrot
Roger Lancaster A-Walk-in-The-Square
Heiko Roemisch Madonna New Age
Alexandr Pantyushin AFIAP Life Beginning
Nils-Erik Jerlemar Lady in Black
Zoltan Lokos EFIAP/b Arcanum
Ira Nemeroff PPSA View of the Future
Ario Wibisono Lazy Sunday Afternoon
Roger Lancaster Sibelius-Pipes
Kai Lon Tang AFIAP Fancy Dancing
Vladimir Proshin MFIAP Way
Zsoka Lorincz Little Princ
KT Allen Caged Thoughts
Xiaobing Wei In the Temple
Julie Begg Perfect Rose
Jon Sellers CPAGB BPE2* Trepidation
KT Allen The Plague Doctor
Justin Matthews LAPS Mannequin Mags
Prue Platt Hepworth The Inkwell
Marko Airismeri Forrest of Lost Souls
Yuriy Zilinskyy Awakening
Graeme Watson EFIAP FAPS PPSA Tunnel Vision
Janet Haines ARPS CPAGB Which Came First
Marko Airismeri Globe Ride
Giap Chiu TEO Wording in My Hand
Josef Palfrader EFIAP/p Steinschlag
Norbert Senser The Last Flower
Leif Alveen PPSA No End in Sight
Pekka Salminen Pictures at an Exhibition
Pili Garcia Pitarch In Wonderland
Mikhail Bondar MFIAP PPSA Aviator-8
Denise McDermott Blue Angel
Julie Grattan Dreams of Knights and White Horses
Michel Le Tenier AFIAP Trois Hommes
Mustafa Demir A Women in Heavens Door
Justin Matthews LAPS Sin City
Stuart Chape Why Have You Forsaken Me?
Andreas L Andreou EFIAP/p Talk Me
Vicki Slade APSNZ Evolution 1
Vicki Slade APSNZ Mellow in Merlot
Scott Contini Sour Grapes
Scott Contini Magnetic Potato Chips
James Lu AAPS Horror
Jeanette Duncan BPE1* Home from the Office
James Lu AAPS The Light
Rudrita Chatterjee Avidity
Claude Simon AFIAP Le Grimoire
Vicki Slade APSNZ The Neighbourhood Watcher
Jacqui Jay Grafton ARPS Cook Will Be Pleased!
Julie Begg Creepy Hollow
Christina Baumann EFIAP Birdwatching
Reinhard Becker EFIAP/s Alter Gang 4
Phillipa Frederiksen EFIAP FAPS Organic
Reinhard Becker EFIAP/s Starfire
Jeffrey Venning Forgotten Warrior
Werner Baumann AFIAP Abendflug
Kerry Boytell EFIAP FAPS Night of the Jackal
Christina Baumann EFIAP Hope
Jan Pudney AAPS Mr Giraffe Goes for a Walk
Jan Pudney AAPS Christine's Hands
Chan Seng Tang EFIAP Mask Actor
Isolde Stein-Leibold Upps
Jozica Zafred Crazy Game
Harley Rustin Unseen Danger
Josef Palfrader EFIAP/p Hau Ab
Kai Lon Tang AFIAP Umbrella in Red
Arthur Roy Here is the Sacred Music
Phillipa Frederiksen EFIAP FAPS Death in the Desert
Isolde Stein-Leibold Falling Leaves
Josef Obertscheider EFIAP Orakel
Josef Obertscheider EFIAP Traum
Alfredo Rivera EFIAP SFAF Road to Hell
Linda Weng No Talking 1
Julie Grattan In Memory of Our Early Pioneers
Terry Donnelly Waiting on a Prayer
Yu Pei Huang Actress Makeup
Murat Aslankara Vegas Dreams
Yuriy Zilinskyy Craze to Wonderful
Sanna Svennblad On the Other Side
Peter Thorpe Remembering the Fallen
Miu Anthony Kwok EFIAP ARPS Storm Wave
Marco Garabello PPSA AFIAP Omenaje a Dalì
Martin Young Triple Trouble
Miu Anthony Kwok EFIAP ARPS Goddess of Sun
Denise McDermott Accusation
Gary Darke Breaking-Through
Jorge Llorca AFIAP Bombilla
Andreas Ganahl Power of Earth
Onur Palabiyik The Waiting for Dreams
Michel Dupouy EFIAP In Tenebris
Mykhaylo Batrak Ignitor
Pekka Salminen Relevation of Fredrika
Pili Garcia Pitarch Violinist Clown
Leanne Alessi AFIAP AAPS Nostalgia
Pili Garcia Pitarch Imagine
Pili Garcia Pitarch Star Blue
Mikhail Bondar MFIAP PPSA Rising Planet
Jussi Talvitie Split
Gil Shmueli The Way to Unknown
Norbert Senser Resignation
Norbert Senser Kindheit
Peter Hammer FAPS Water Sprite
Peter Hammer FAPS Wheels of Industry
Andrea Harmssen EFIAP Sunken Ship
Le Quang Thai Worlds
Manuel López Puerma EFIAP/b Paseo Nocturno
John Larry EFIAP/s DPAGB, ARPS North East of Hell
John Larry EFIAP/s DPAGB, ARPS The Last Battle
Yi Wan Wish Peace
Anne D'oliveira Is That Really Me
Neda Racki EFIAP Magic Forest
Neda Racki EFIAP The Third Exit
Jon Sellers CPAGB BPE2* Time to Say Goodbye
Neda Racki EFIAP Little Worlds
Yi Wan Ancient Dwellings Impression
Timo Lahtinen EFIAP In the Setting Sun
Russell Lindsay EFIAP FBPE MPAGB Photo-Fit
Ario Wibisono Welcome to the City of Pollution
Timo Lahtinen EFIAP Homewards
Andre Henneberg Birth of Balls
William Mc Cance FPSA EFIAP HonEFIAP Brotherhood
Birgit Pustelnik AFIAP Fall
Andre Henneberg Spirit of Africa
Viki Gaul Curiosity in Suspension
Jillian Merlot Inner Landscape
Vladimir Proshin MFIAP Expectation
Adam Szathmary-Kiraly EFIAP/s Passageway
Roger Lancaster Interweave-Portrait
Manuel López Puerma EFIAP/b Humo
Tanja Zech EFIAP/b Angry
Andrea Maina AFIAP Contrast
Ulrich Textores AFIAP PPSA MVOEAV-w M.IIWF Gone
Yau Ming Charles Ho EFIAP Star Night
Tony Harding LAPS Stormy Outlook
Helmut Wachtarczyk A Hard Way
Helmut Wachtarczyk Why
Parag Banerjee Future..!
Aleksander Cufar EFIAP/p EPSA Imagination-10
Parag Banerjee Coloured Dreams No. 2
Parag Banerjee Conscience..! No. 2